Forced/Unforced Writing

I am attending a 3-week writing seminar which has increased my output tremendously. It has been a sort of odd situation, in some ways forced, but with very little direction given for topic or style. Because of this, I have lots of small pieces or fragments of what might become more finished pieces later on started in my notebook. I want to share some of those below. More complete pieces will be added as they are finished or will be commercially published and linked.

If I Met an Alien...

If I met an alien

I'd invite him to lunch

We'd tour the fast food joints

And have the same conversation

I do with my husband or kids:

"What do you want?"

"I don't care. Whatever."

"How about this?"


"Okay, then, that."

"Hmm... no, I don't think so."

Then my inner Ryan Gosling

would plead with his inner Rachel McAdams.

"What. Do. You. WANT?!?!?!"

He would be frightened by my

sudden burst of emotions.

He would return to the Mother Ship

and report that Earthlings are

simply not


the effort.

Said the Zombie to the Shotgun

"You'll never catch me!"

"I don't have to catch you. I just have to graze you."

"Too bad. You can't. I'm not like those 'Walking Dead' zombies, those stupid shambling hordes. I move fast."

"I move faster."

"You still have to hit me. I'm smarter than Rickon. I know how to zig-zag."

"Doesn't matter. I have buckshot. I scatter. I'll get you no matter how you run."

"Whatever. I'm not scared of you."

"That's because you lack survival instinct."

"Fine. I guess we'd better get to it."

"I suppose so. You ready?"

"Yep. You?"

"Uh-huh." The zombile takes off running zigging and zagging as best he can. "BANG!"


Ooey, gooey

Soft and chewy

Sticky, icky


Tasty, yummy

Filled up tummy

Silky, milky


Smooth and creamy

Super dreamy

Sating waiting


Greatest pleasure

Soon to measure

Lifetime on the


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